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Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Agency for SMEs and Startups

At Marcon Consulting, we are an unique Digital Marketing Agency that loves finding REAL customers for REAL businesses!

We often find that our clients seek a digital marketing agency that can provide REAL results rather than selling 'The Dream!'. That is why we endevaour to provide a honest and transparent dialogue with each of our clients.

At Marcon Consulting we strive to:

  • Connect you to your customers
  • Build unity with customers
  • Enhance brand awareness
  • Improve your ROI and ROAS

Our contemporary orthodox methods have provided our clients with a wealth of loyal customers. Our PPC management techniques have increased the revenues of our clients. With our best case being a £58 ad spend and returning £4,300 in sales in the first month of advertising.

Marcon Consulting is also a Search Engine Marketing and SEO agency. Which we love tailoring content to your target audience, creating an everlasting bond between your brand and your customers.

How can our Digital Marketing Agency aid your business?

We are a young and passionate Digital Marketing and Content Marketing team that loves connecting your brand with newly found loyal customers. We do this by doing the extensive research to ensure we tailor content that is specific to your target market which will inevitably convert and sell.

​At Marcon Consulting we manage your marketing activities as this reduces the pain for you and your brand. Thus, meaning you can spend more time on your business that you truly love!

We break away from the stereotypical corporate environment...


Because who needs that nowadays? Customers wish to deal with non-corporate entities which is why we practice in this manner!

Digital Marketing Agency

Our Digital Marketing Agency goes beyond the call of duty for our clients. We do the nitty and gritty fundamental work that other Marketing Agencies in the UK overlook.

Our marketing techniques have enabled us to retain 92% of our clients - a stat that we are proud of. 

We provide your brand with contemporary marketing ideas that return results.

We start by implementing the principles of marketing and use targeted advertising

Which ensures we are reaching the right customer that will love your brand!

Our clients have announced us as Marketing Experts due to results we have provided their brand.

Marcon's Marketing Mouth

Our Digital Marketing Agency loves to educate about all the fascinating aspects of marketing, our blogs provide an insight and FREE tips on how you can implement some tactics for your brand.

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