Ssshh!!! Our 9 top secrets to copywriting that sells!


Copywriting is a powerful marketing skill that some marketers excel in whereas other marketers fail to grasp the fundamentals. 

The marketers and business owners that refute to invest time and money into copywriting are those that experience enhanced revenues.

Copywriting is imperative for any successful business. Simply because through the beauty of words you can convert a sceptical customer into a loyal one.

Nevertheless, like anything else, copywriting has a downfall. 


People tend to establish the ideology that the terminology 'Copywriting' is protecting property against theft and plagiarism. Namely, 'copyright'. 

I personally witness this when I tell potential clients that I provide copywriting services. They ask "Can you protect my intellectual property?" 

Which it becomes all the more clear when I explain that "You see all the text in your inbox, brochures and websites? Well I write that!"

So what exactly is copywriting?

In brief, copywriting is the process that marketers/business owners embark on when they curate text for adverts and promotional content. 

The text and content that is written is knownly widely as 'copy'. Everywhere you look, copy is present. It is a £2 trillion industry globally.

In fact, copy can be found in the following ways;

  • Emails
  • Websites
  • Catalogs
  • Brochures
  • Billboards
  • and many more

You promised us copywriting secrets, so where are they?

Here they are, so without further ado lets kick it off!

Firstly, we have to understand the principles of classic copywriting in order to excel.

From experience I have learnt from my mistakes. It swiftly became apparent that the sole reason from low conversion rates and appauling efficiency came from not following the fundamentals. 

Copywriting is rapidly becoming increasingly imperative for ambitious brands therefore I cannot stress enough FOLLOW THE RULES but be expressive.

Here goes...

#1 - DON'T Curate a boring and flimsy header

Sounds strange doesn't it? I am a copywriting telling you to write a boring and flimsy header.

Hmmm, that cannot be right?

Well it is true, from my experience this is the most common mistake I see marketers and business owners make!

Their negligence and laziness literally infuriates me!!!

For instance, you set up a Facebook Ads campaign and establish a banal header. What does this tell the viewer? That your brand is boring and you cannot expend the time to promote your own business.

You will lose the customer before they have even read the copy that you spent hours writing.

#2 - Implement subtitles

Subtitles serves a purpose to your viewers... they aid the reader!

They subsequently structure your copy and retains the viewers' attention thus meaning reducing the bounce rate of your adverts.

This is another rule that I see broken on a daily basis. People then wonder why they are spending excess money on social media and search engine advertisments. Without reaping the conversions. 

Just look at this blog for example... I know this isn't an advertisement however I am utilising subtitles to break up the content and to guide you through the blog. You will read the subtitles and know what is upcoming.

#3 - Promote the benefits of your promotion

Your promotion should provide the viewer a benefit that satisfys a need and/or want to be able to convert them. 

Therefore, you should be ensuring that your advertisement utilises copywriting skills that exposes the benefits and why they should give you their custom. 

A compelling offer wields the power to persuade potential customers. Whereas it helps the viewer to evaluate how tempting the offer is.

When you provide the viewer with the benefits, you are essentially abolioshing any pain and doubts that the viewer may be feeling. 

#4 - Remember, remember to offer guarantees

As a result of the contemporary consumer becoming increasingly fickle they look for products/services with warranties and guarantees.

The rationale behind this is simple! They establish pains that their hard enough cash will be wasted.

When you are curating your copy, you need to ensure that you are putting your customers mind at ease.

One way to do this is too... offer longer guarantee's for lower refunds this is because people generally forget.

#5 - Respect your target audience

When you are utilising copywriting for advertisements you have to remember - YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO APPEASE EVERYBODY!

It's a harsh fact!

Everybody is different, everybody has their unique values so they may disagree with the way you word specific content. 

I often tell my clients to most successful adverts are brave and bold. Some use profanity and others use controversial messages. 

Therefore I advice that you establish a brand tone of voice and tailor your copy to your target audience. 

By doing so, you are connecting to your target audience in an intimate manner and they will build a sense of loyalty towards your brand.

#6 - Don't write long sentences and large paragraphs

Long sentences and large paragraphs can over-complicate things for the consumer which means that they will easily lose interest as a result of you over doing it and placing words where they shouldn't be, as a matter of fact you need to ensure that you copy is concise and straight to the point as consumers' have very little attention span especially when adverts apepar on their social media news feeds so please avoid doing this as it is a waste of time.

How exhausting was that sentence? 

I am pretty sure you were losing interest in what I was saying.

I did this on purpose to reiterate my point.

#7 - Offering a high-involvement product/service? Then provide a free trial

You may be offering the marketplace a contemporary b2b software that has a purchase value of £4,500. Or you could be offering marketing courses that is worth £2,000.

Like it or not, these are considered to be high-involvement purchases and as a direct result, the consumer associate these with hish risk.

That is understandable well unless you're Bill Gates.

You do not want to purchase something with a hefty price tag if it is not value for money.

Therefore, offering a free trial version of the product/service that you are promoting can pay dividends.

We see it all over the net nowadays. Companies are paying £000's of ad spend to offer free products. Sounds ridiculous right?

In fact, it is not! It is genius.

#8 - Do not oversell

The subtitle just says it all! The key to copywriting is to tell stories and not to oversell.

Some clients I have met have developed the ideology that consumers are more likely to convert if they use the following words frequently:

  • Order now
  • Buy now
  • Order now to avoid disappointment
  • and so on

It does not work!

By implementing this strategy, you are overwhelming your viewers and scaring them away!

#9 - Promote familiarity

Before a customer converts with you, it is just logical that they want to know about you. If you are a legit business or if you are a rogue trader. 

Therefore, you need to ensure that you introduce yourself - which is easy to do but is often conducted incorrectly.

You want your customers to feel close with your brand as the saying goes:

"Familiarirty breeds sales"

When you are curating your copy and intorducing yourselves, you want to be flaunting a little credential capability and then jump straight back into your story.

Do you need any further help with your copywriting marketing campaigns?

I am open to hearing from you and would love to help either leave a comment below or click here to contact me.

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