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Content is King but Engagement is Queen

The Queen rules the house...

In today's business world, copywriting and content marketing is useful for many reasons.

1. Your prospective customers can build a sense of trust of your brand through content published on your platforms.

2. Content marketing can increase brand awareness.

3. Outreach to an audience that may choose to avoid paid advertisements.

4. Content marketing can be utilised to keep your expenditure low.

5. An increase in traffic and conversions can be a direct result of implementation of content marketing.

When we help clients with their content marketing solutions, we always offer two ways to aid them! 

1. Carefully structured monthly campaigns, which includes:

Click Consult tickBlogs

Click Consult tickSocial Media posts

Click Consult tickPresent strategy and content auditing

Click Consult tickContent gap analysis

Click Consult tickA review of your website’s current search visibility

Click Consult tickA review of your social media content strategy

2. Alternatively, we can provide ad-hoc services and work on an hourly basis if this suits your business better. 

Here at Marcon Consulting, we can structure your content marketing campaigns to ensure the word choice persuades, informs, surprises and inspires your target audience. We believe that quality content marketing that relates to your desired demographic can stir their curiousity and eventually convert them to make a purchase. Thus, turning a brand stranger into a loyal customer.

We love copywriting, it allows our creative juices to flow. Whatever your industry or range of products/services you offer, we believe we can find you REAL customers that adore your brand. 

Within the world of marketing, content marketing and copywriting is becoming increasingly imperative for brands. As we can tap into a new wave of channels and techniques which engages your customers through storytelling.

At Marcon Consulting, our team encompasses copywriting experts that have a passion for writing. Thus, meaning we would love to help you and your brand. We ensure that all digital copy is optimised for SEO purposes, we have great experience within this field and have conducted this task for many clients. We can process whatever your requirements may be, such as: 

  • Written articles
  • Blogs
  • Press releases
  • Ad copy
  • Direct marketing
  • And many more...