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Email marketing can help build and nurture relationships with customers...

At Marcon Consulting, we believe that email marketing is worth alot more than 'being a method of communication that ends up in someone's inbox'. In fact, it is all about your customers and ensure that each automated message resonates with your target audience. In today's contemporary environment, our customers are defining their engagement. Therefore, as marketers and business owners, we need to ensure that we are being effective in the methods we take to tailor content that they respond to.

Email marketing is a direct marketing communication methodology which has the ability to be easily targeted, dynamically generated, automated and easily measured.

At Marcon Consulting we are experienced in deliver clients with email marketing which returns a favourable ROI.

Our approach

Email is an art and a science that if blended correctly, can bring unlimited success. At Marcon Consulting, we love to put on our virtual lab coats and dissect your email campaigns. Our sole approach to email campaigns to curate well thought-out and engaging content. Which ultimately produces the best customer/user experience as possible.

Every email campaign we implement, we utilise four main phases:

1. Research

We conduct an audit on your present email performance and implement a proven framework throughout our auditing. This framework allows us to garner a deeper knowledge of your current email marketing campaigns.

2. Implementation & education

We then implement our research but pulling it all together to compile a communication strategy. In addition, we educate yourselves thus you can eventually become independent within your own email campaigns.

3. Set up

We shall then make the campaigns live and continue our communication which ensures a smooth transaction.

4. Analyse & refine

We do not set it up and leave you to do the rest! We will endeavour to continue analysis of your campaigns and feedback to you with our recommendations.