5 Google Ads hacks that will boost your digital footfall

Google Ads

Google Ads marketers and business owners are often finding themselves struggling with search engine paid ads in recent years.

This is because search engines such as Google and Bing tend to love altering their platforms in this ever-changing industry.

As we embark further into the 21st century, changes will carry on altering. 

In my experience of managing ad accounts for clients, such changes have become a headache for most business owners and entrepreneurs.

That is why we love to help businesses. We want to take away the stress of promoting your brand so you can focus on running the business that you truly love.

However, if you are wanting to implement your own PPC and Google Ads campaigns then that is fine. 

Nobody at Marcon Consulting is going to be offended.

Although, we do want to give you a helping hand.

So here are our 5 Google Ads hacks that we use, that will no doubt boost your website's digital footfall.

Google Ads Hack #1: Maximise your Quality Score

Your Quality Score (QS) is something that is imperative within digital marketing campaigns. 

As such, the QS is crucial as it ultiamtely has an impact on your CTR (click-through rate) and ranking of your ads. 

When a brand wields a high QS then search engine will reward this success. The rewaed comes in the form of reduced cost per click and higher ad position.

In the image below, provided by Wordstream. It is clear to see that Advertiser I possesses the highest QS. As such they are spending far less per click in comparison to its competitors.

quality score hacks

Marcon Consulting's Hack: First and foremost, we recommend that you abolish irrelevant keywords within your ads. This would inevitably penalise your ad account. Next, we would suggest implementing 10% brand keywords. The rationale behind this suggestion is because it will enhance your mean CTR. As these keywords are prone to be rewarded with high a QS. Last but not least, consider deleting the worst performing third of your account then relocate that budget onto remarketing.

Google Ads Hack #2: Seriously consider remarketing

I can never stress enough to business owners, how imperative remarketing is. 

Remarketing is somthing that is often not considered through PPC & digital marketing strategies. Which in all honesty infuriates me.

In brief, remarketing is a clever methodology that aids you to reconnect with your website's users. Not every user is going to make a purchase it is as simple as that, it is similar to browsing shelves in a supermarket. However, some users wish to buy but for external factors this may prevent them at that moment in time. 

As such Google ads enables you to position target ads to this segmentation of users. Through tracking tools you can locate your ads on websites that implement Google Adsense. For when your past users open that website, they are remind
ed of your brand and its products and/or services.

Therefore, if you are to follow one of our hacks throughout this article. Then we would suggest you ensure you utilise remarketing as a matter of urgency.

All in all, conversion rates are not great!

Although we love increasing the conversion rates for our clients. The harsh reality is that many viewers of a website do not take action. Thus, leaving average conversion rates being between 0-20% depending on the appeal of the product/service that is on offer.

As noted previously, remarketing certainly aids to bring back lost viewers when a conversion funnel is implemented.

google ads remarketing

Here is a visual representation of how remarketing works...

Firstly, a visitor has a cookie attached to their digital footprint when they visit your website. Then once they leave your website and visits a website with Google Adsense installed, your ad will be shown to past customers.

You have more than likely witnessed this yourself. When you have been visiting a website and then ads for that website follow you all over the internet. 

In addition, other that Google ads, remarketing can be beneficial for brand recall, and enhancing your brand's reach. 

Marcon Consulting's Hack: Curate a segmentation strategy that is focused on the interests of the visitors to your website. Develop different ads that are bespoke to each segment and get these published. Watch the remarketing conversion rates boost.

Google Ads Hack #3: Mobile Optimisation

I think it goes without saying that searches made by mobile devices is on the increase.

In fact, in excess of 60% of searches are made by mobile devices. 

Considering that Google receives over 63,000 searches per second, this 60% goes to show that searches on mobile devices are very popular.

With this being said, it is imperative that your Bing & Google ads are fully optimised for mobile devices!

Google Ads Mobile Optimisation

Above, we can see some Google Ads that have been optimised for mobile devices.

Seeing as the click-to-call Call to Action button is a major industry game changes. It can certainly aid brands to enhance their CTR.


Take a look at the desktop and mobile conversion funnels below.

Then take a moment to reflect on the dissimilarities between them.

conversion funnels

I believe it is common sense to think that it general knowledge. That people are utilising mobile devices on the go and they have needs that have to be satisifed instantly.

Therefore, strategies for mobile device searches need to be implemented.

By including a click-to-call CTA on your Google ads, you are ensuring that you not losing interest from the viewer.

Marcon Consulting's Hack: For this hack, you will be referring back to Hack #1. This is because, mobile Google ads are highly competitive due to the screen size being limited in comparison to desktop devices. Therefore, in Hack #1 I noted about optimising your QS. Well this concept applies here. As you are going to be paying more for your Google ads.

Google Ads Hack #4: Curate Breathtaking Ads that Appeals to the Viewer's Emotions

If you curate Google ads then there is a high chance that you are publishing bad ads. It is not your fault!

You may not perceive your ads as being bad however the harsh reality is that they are.

In fact, half of ads that are published are either mediocre or below average.

ppc marketing hacks

Notice how there is little differences within the ads are in the SERP located above? In all honesty, they are pretty tedious and monotonous, they are more or less the same.

Marcon Consulting's Hack: Firstly, do some research into Perry Marshall who is a marketing genius. His playbook is a gold mine. From reading it you will start writing higher converting ads which you will soon reap the rewards for. It is all about understanding consumer behaviour. By truly understanding your customers' emotions then you start curating ads that are tailored specifically towards them.

Google Ads Hack #5: Turbocharge your ads by utilising a simple marketing model

Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (STP) is a critical marketing model whether it is within traditional or digital marketing. 

I wrote an informative article about discussing the fundamentals of marketing which included the STP model. Click the link to read all about it.

So if you are running Google Ads campagins then it is crucial you give the STP model some serious thought. The rationale behind this is that it can help to determine the conversion rates dependent on the search query.


Above, I noted the ultimate benefits of remarketing your website's visitors however if you are new to the business world, you may find this a struggle at first.

But you are not alone as this is a common struggle for small business owners who don't have previous experience in Google Ads and PPC advertising.

This is where STP fits in perfectly with remarketing.

The STP model or In-market segments aids targeting customers who already hold a place within your marketing.

As a result of implementing this strategy, you can run ads to a structured segment. This segment can be expanded within a bigger ad group that is solely based on keyword results.

You can run your Google Ads to a structured segment within a larger group based on search query keyword results. For example, let’s say that you sell online courses that help marketers get their first 2,000 email addresses.

Marcon Consulting's Hack:  Utilise the STP model or in-market segments to promote yourself in front of a motivated audience with demonstrated intent.

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